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~ ~ ~ WE OFFER BOTH PKT. & BULK SIZES ~ ~ ~ Aloe Seeds Mix - Excellent House Plants This is a very popular diverse mixture which includes the Aloe vera .The aloe is a succulent plant, with leaves that can hold water for long periods at a time. Too much water can rot the plant, and it would take the most severe drought to dry it out. The plant's only other enemy is cold. It will do quite well next to a window with even minimal light, but it prefers bright, indirect lighting. An aloe plant is a welcome friend in the kitchen. When you need to use it medicinally, just remove a lower leaf from the plant, slice it open, and apply the gel on the affected area. Perennial Sun/shade Zones: 9-11 INTERESTING HISTORY OF ALOE VERA: The name was derived from Arabic meaning "bitter" because of the bitter liquid found in the leaves. In 1500 B.C. Egyptians recorded use of the herbal plant in treating burns, infections and parasites. Egyptian Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti both gave tribute to aloe vera as one of their most important beauty secrets. Alexander the Great carried the aloe vera plant into battle to treat wounded soldiers. The plant dates back 6,000 years, and has been in use for all that time. Ancient Greeks, Arabs and Spaniards have used the plant throughout the millennia. African hunters still rub the gel on their bodies to reduce perspiration and their scent. Historical uses Historical use of various Aloe species by humans is well documented. Documentation of the clinical effectiveness is available, although relatively limited. Of the 299 species of Aloe, only a few were used traditionally as a herbal medicine, aloe vera again being the most commonly used version of aloe in herbal medicine. Also included are Aloe perryi (found in northeastern Africa) and Aloe ferox (found in South Africa). The Greeks and Romansused aloe vera to treat wounds. In the Middle Ages, the yellowish liquid found inside the leaves was favored as a purgative.

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