30 Gram Tube Dupont Advion Ant Bait Gel w/ Plunger ~ Kill Argentine, Big Headed, Carpenter, Cornfield, Crazy, Field, Ghost, Harvester, Honey, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Pyramid, Rover, Thief and White Footed ~ Best Ant Control Bait on

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  • Sold By PestControlPross!! 30 gram tube advion ant gel bait w/ 1 plunger and application tip. 1 tu
  • Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.05% Target pests: All major species of ants including: Argentine, B
  • For use in: Indoors and outdoors Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed.
  • ADVION ant bait gel is specifically formulated to be tasty to all major species of ants. Advion ant
  • PestControlPross is an independent company and distributor of pest control products. Pest Control Pr

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Product Description

Advion ant bait gel is translucent, has no odor, and is a non-staining formulation that stays fresh for extended periods. This allows ants to eat more Advion ant bait gel over an extended period of time, resulting in control and elimination of entire colonies. Advion ant gel contains a unique active ingredient unlike any other ant gel, so it performs like no other . How Advion Ant Bait Gel Works : By ingesting the active ingredient Indoxacarb the ants nervous system is disrupted, ultimately ending in death. How to Apply Advion Ant Bait Gel ADVION ant gel should be applied as spots of gel or small lines of gel. Placements of spots or lines of gel should be close to active foraging trails, nest sites, or to areas known to be active. Apply approximately 1/4" in diameter spots (about the size of a pea). Apply lines of ADVION ant bait gel of approximately 1/8" wide and 2" long; up to 3" long for highly active foraging trails. Apply as many placements as possible to active trails or foraging areas without disrupting the natural behavior of the ants. Indoor usage: Indoor applications can include cracks and crevices; along walls or floors, in and around furniture and cabinetry, behind or under appliances, around sinks, within or near garbage collection areas, attics and crawl spaces Outdoor Usage: ADVION ant bait gel may be applied to pest entry sites such as along windows, doors, between construction elements, sewer areas,adjacent trees which ants are using as a nesting site, along walls, garbage holding areas, or other places acting as an ant nesting site. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL!!

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