Crystal Ball Dalmation Jasper Stone -Highly Polished Universal Energy Sphere- ONLY 100 IN STOCK THIS HOLIDAY SEASON with FREE STAND A GREAT GIFT by Gypsy Palace

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  • Order is for one sphere and one stand; sphere is 40MM (1.5 inches)
  • Dalmation Jasper is a metaphysical stone for polarity integration; it is an astrological stone of the Gemini sign.
  • Spheres channel universal powers which help a genuine seeker do many things! Learn to "read" the natural patterns in spheres and gain metaphysical insight into any situation.
  • Scrying is the ancient art of divining (reading the future) by looking into reflective surfaces and entering a trance allowing the reader to have visions of the future.
  • Gypsy Palace offers an uncomparable selection of quality. We hand select our inventory for amazing quality control!

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Spheres are great sources of natural universal energy! The crystal ball you receive will be hand selected so you will receive only the most unique, interesting specimens meant just for you! Learn to read the natural patterns in the stones and you will unlock a hidden trove of information and insight. Learn about yourself, others, or read more into any situation by practicing the ancient art of scrying or reading the future in reflective surfaces. You will be happy with your sphere for displaying as a mineral specimen also as each piece is hand picked for a superior quality! Only the most unique and exciting specimens enter the Gypsy Palace collection from the start so you never have to worry about receiving an average quality specimen.

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